Kentucky Striper Club, Inc.

Minutes of January 10, 2005 Meeting

I. Opened Meeting at 7:30 p.m.A. Read and approved minutes of December 13th meeting.
B. 2005 Dues paid since 12/13 meeting: Mel Borich, Todd Hahn, Roger Hahn, Tyler Underwood, Joe Wise, Don Zeilman, Steve Schoenberger, Richard Fisher, Robert Hall, Rod Doyle.
C. Tony Reynolds of Reynolds Performance Marine(Shepherdsville, KY) Spoke on maintenance of outboard motors:
*drain water immediately in cold weather times
*start with little as possible throttle & idle 3 to 6 minutes before load
*debris can clog therostat-check occasionally
*fishing line behind prop will cut seals & lose grease and cause water to enter/freeze lower unit which can cost $4000
*steering system-WD 40 on pistons of hydrolics – rack & pinion/new grease
*live wells/bait wells-backflush scales/debris out
*oil injection systems-some oils sludge up-empty and clean out with some type of evaporating cleaner
*wheel bearings-build up heat-may crack if backed into water while hot-let cool down first
Other information discussed:
*pontoons only boats sold now by Reynolds after selling all types
*boat show 2005-will be rebuilding motor at booth
*water pump impellers-merc v-6 replace after 2 years, most other motors 4-6 years
*powerhead merc 150-$5000 new or $3000 rebuilt
*best 4 stroke-mid hp 50-90 Suzuki, 100-150 Yamaha, Honda 50’s very good motors other hps very heavy, small hp 15-40, 200 hp Yamaha until Merc Verado can prove itself
*fuel-MTB fuel worse than RFG gas- shelf life 3-4 weeks-sold in Bullitt County-causes damage if it sits a
a while use Stabil/fuel conditioner with above gas
*October 15-16 changed to October 1-2 to coincide with the NSBA tournament.*Nov 12-13 tabled for future discussion
*fish being caught shallow up in creeks
*umbrellas with red are hot
*86 feet = 12 feet deep with 5 oz lead @ 1.2 MPH
*State dock-bluegill being slayed
*Rod and Reel to be given away at Feb 10th meeting
II. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

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